Fried Goat Cheese

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 
A few weeks ago on a Sunday evening, hubs and I were having fish (I believe it was cod) for dinner and I thought asparagus would be the perfect Spring side to go with it. I thought, "but what would make roasted asparagus even better?"

Goat cheese.

Of course it would. 

I confess, I always have cheese (multiple kinds) in our fridge. I may have or may not have eaten a log of goat cheese (4 oz.) by myself and blocked it out at one point in my life.  Just sayin'.

Do remember this goat cheese egg?  Goat cheese makes everything delish.  Nom.

And what would make this goat cheese a bit better (I know, nothing is needed to make it better, but still...)?  Fry it.  Yup, fried cheese.  I am from Wisconsin - no apologies from this end.

While I was on a conference call for work, hubs cut up the goat cheese into medallions (it crumbled on him just a bit, but non-flavored dental floss would work great to cut it in the future!) and stuck it in the freezer while he waited for me.  A simple dip into some flour, then egg, followed by panko (Japanese bread crumbs), the cheese was ready to be fried.  I went for a shallow fry, so not as much oil though it takes just a bit more time.

The end product - beautiful.  Creamy goat cheese (we used a basic that was about $4 from Meijer) was, as I thought it would be, perfect with the crispy exterior.  No salt was added, as the salt from the cheese and frying was surely enough.  And the texture, perfectly paired with the roasted asparagus.

Sorry for lack of photos, but I wasn't planning on posting a blog.  So, this is dedicated to my friend Jill per request!