Office Olympics: Winter Games Part III

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 
There is a time when one event deserves a post all to itself.  

Today is that day my friends.

Couple Ribbon Dancing

My version of couple figure skating (or ice dancing, really, whatever you prefer) was received perfectly by the staff.  I have to admit, I thought I would be the only one excited.  But staff proved to be entertaining all on their own.  I think photos will describe this much better than words...

The judges table

Final Score: 7.8
Barbie doll love for sure (this is off the video...)

Final Score: 8
Glittery red, they chicken danced themselves for over a minute.

Final Score: 8.3  
There are SO many great photos from their session (my fave is not listed) 
but I chose to show one with both offletes.

Final Score: 8.4
I give them the best costume...think "Gold Digger" for song selection.

Gold Medal with a final score of 9 
TW was a swan, let me tell you...

Special thanks to Cubes for her fantastic photo skills.  
Documentation of the Office Olympics wouldn't happen without her.

Next up: doortending & the closing ceremony.

Office Olympics: Winter Games Part II

Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 
The first three events have come and gone.  Photos to recap the office debauchery...

Slalom Cart Relay Race 
Object is to complete the slalom course, which consists of three flower pots and the cubicles, while pushing a cart (aka dolly cart) holding a box.

MC getting ready to compete

Everyday office items (ie. stapler) were on the chairs of the individual cubes, and these needed to be collected in the box the offletes were pushing around.  If the box fell, she would need to stop and replace it before moving on.

LH running the course

Once the slalom was completed, the two "offletes" had to recreate an office setup to complete the race.  

A team setting up the desk of supplies

Cubicle Biathlon
Once again, the cubicles were the course for this relay of events.  Each team had three participants - each was responsible for running a lap around the cubicles...

RN and her "cross cubicle" run

and then throwing a sharpie at a target.

LH aiming with the orange marker

Did I mention a UPS man came in (yes, that's me accepting a package in the background mid-throw)

 Some teams even tried to argue their spots.  It gets intense, these Office Olympics.

Swivel Chair Curling
This event is exactly as it sounds.  A teammate hurling their partner in chair to achieve the top score. 

 This gives you a better view of the Office Olympic torch

The blue markers indicate which point area they are in - and no one hit the wall, I promise

Action shot - she shimmied her way across the scoring grid & received gold

That's it, the first three events.  Medal count is pretty close, but we still have two events to go.  Couple Ribbon Dancing (our version of couple ice skating, I personally can't wait) and Doortending (our version of hockey.)  Of course, all the highlights will be documented for your enjoyment (especially cube-in-law, who is most likely shaking his head at this very moment.)

Do I enjoy putting on these Office Olympics?  Absolutely.

Office Olympics: Winter Games Part I

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 
Back in 2008 when the Summer Olympic games were happening, I was encouraged (okay, maybe she even demanded it) by a former co-worker, AK, to have Office Olympics.  Yes, similar to the television show, our staff was going to participate in office debauchery throughout two weeks.  This year with the Winter games upon us, it is no different (even if my Ms. AK is no longer working here..sad...but at least I still see her!)

Friday was the opening ceremony, and of course, good times were had by all of the "offletes" (combination of athlete & office) who were participating.  Events take place in the the "Conference Place" (yes, similarities to the B.C. Place are absolutely on purpose) and commence with a closing ceremony and rewarding of medals.

Our opening ceremony is very similar (okay, I use 'very' loosely) to that of the true Olympic nature.  Our offletes make flags to represent their nations...
All items used in the Office Olympics must be found in the office.

...and parade for all to see.

They all look so happy for an afternoon break!

We  release doves...

 Note: no doves were hurt in the releasing.

..and yes, we even take oaths.
 Do you notice the flame (paper of course) and the Olympic flag in the background?  
Thank you Cubes for the design!

Yes, all in a days work for the event coordinator.  Next up?  Slalom cart racing and Cubicle Biathlon.  Hold back your excitement....

Entertaining Life Daily: An Introduction

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 
With the new year, I said I would begin to blog.  January was filled with "what do I name it" and "what exactly should I blog about?"  Entertaining Life Daily came to, and I decided I would blog about just that - entertaining life on a daily basis. 

Through hosting friends and family, attending events in the city, eating my way through Indianapolis and wherever I visit, or cooking and baking at home with my hubby, TA, this blog will feature all that life has to offer and what I do to celebrate on a daily basis.

From making cupcakes for national popcorn day...
 (yes, the popcorn are marshmallows) spending time with friends...
(4th of July with some of my besties, MM, MC, & TO)

...or enjoying seasons with my hubby...
(pumpkin picking with my love)

...even expressing my love of certain things...
(Disney in general.  I'm more of a villain lover...)

...I hope those who read my blog enjoy the day to day events and reasons for celebrations!