Cookies & a Movie (this is not a cheap date theme)

Friday, March 30, 2012 - 
After Sunday brunch, company went to see The Hunger Games. A great book, I equally enjoyed the movie (who else has seen it? Did you like it?).

Despite enjoying a lot of food at breakfast, we all still got popcorn. And cookies. We (okay, I) snuck them in for some movie treats. And what was the inspiration for these cookies you may ask?

My friend Melinda gave me a "Year of Cookies" - a collection of cookie cutters for every month. I had decided that I would make these every month to use them - makes sense huh? So this month, shamrocks.

A yummy, basic sugar cookie. My secret ingredient? Maple syrup. I like it when they are just under done, just enough that they are still soft and perfect. Nom. A perfect movie snack. Two movies in one weekend, I'd say that is a weekend well done!

A Brunch of China and Germany

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 
This china was my grandmother's. I use it more regularly than my own wedding china because it is accessible. But I still don't use it enough. My grandfather gave it to my grandmother - a gift from Germany. And surprisingly enough, it isn't damaged at all. It has made it through the years all in one piece - a full collection. I'm so happy to have this collection. It is perfect for the Spring, so when it was our turn to host Sunday dinner in March, I just had to use them. And when that Sunday dinner was transformed into Sunday Brunch, it made it that much more appropriate.

I failed in taking photos, but two is better than none. We had prepared turkey sausage, bacon, a french toast bake (as pictured), an asparagus and tomato frittata, and fresh fruit. The baked French toast was ooey gooey and delicious. Plus, it is SO easy to make that it is a staple of brunch items for me when a large group of people are coming over. I have prepared this in a variety of ways, and this time was no different.

All I did was gather french bread and layer it in a greased pan. Then, I poured over an egg mixture that included 8 eggs, about a tablespoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg, about a cup of milk and two cups of half and half. This mixture sits in the fridge overnight before being topped with a combination of butter (think one stick), more cinnamon and nutmeg (teaspoon each), pecans and brown sugar (1 cup-ish). I love to slather maple syrup on top too, though it isn't necessarily needed.

Oh, and cookies. We saved them for the movie. Which I chalk up to be our 2012 activity for March since a day off couldn't happen for all involved parties. But more to come on that.

Three Weeks. But Who's Counting?

Sunday, March 25, 2012 - 
Convo that happened today.

Hubs: "How come I haven't see anything on your blog lately?"
Me: "I'm blogging today, I have some reviews to post."
Hubs: "Nope, I mean on Entertaining."
Me: "Oh. Well, um...I guess I'm entertaining life daily rather than writing?"

Sometimes it happens to all of us who blog. I'd like to say I haven't had the time. But I've been keeping up with one of my New Year's goals. The one where I said I wouldn't over-program myself. The one where I would try to only do a few things a week, 3 max. I've been pretty successful I might say. By successful, I mean I haven't strayed at all. Yup. Go me.

So with that said, I have been Entertaining Life Daily, but I haven't been the best at recapping these events or all the new kitchen creations that hubs and I have noshed on throughout the year.

Like this past weekend, hubs and I went to Clowes Hall (on Butler's campus) for great show with two friends. We went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. You may think, "Angie. You are a Disney fan. You are a Pirates fan. What is special about it this time?"

Photo Credit
Well, the answer is that it wasn't JUST the movie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra played all the music in the movie. So while the moving was showing, live music brought it to life in perfect synchronization. A choir sang the music so well that I sometimes forgot that there was a live performance happening while the screen was playing the movie. It was an amazing performance and I'd go in a heartbeat for any other movie they would like to perform. Congrats ISO, it was a beautiful show! Not to mention, we got sippy cups again.

And today, a Sunday brunch rather than a dinner. But that my friends, a recap later this week.

I promise.

Sunday Dinner: February

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - 
Oscar night. A fancy night. And the way I wanted to spend was just how I did - with my friends. Our February Sunday dinner ended up on the night of the fancy awards, and we had some great food while watching the event on tv.

A delicious, tender pork tenderloin had been waiting for us in the slow cooker. It was accompanied by sweet and russet roasted potatoes and also roasted broccoli. And, it follows the Paleo diet that Ral is doing for their CrossFit challenge.

Delicious. I like Sundays...