RAM's Homebrew Competition

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - 
I heart my husband.  He has found a hobby which he clearly is fantastic at doing: home brewing.  I truly believe it is rewarding not only for him, but for those who get to taste his products.  He brews often, and is especially passionate about ESBs.  So when the RAM downtown had a home brew competition, he had to enter it and I fully supported it.

After our morning at HBG's event, we made our way downtown to taste more beer and hear the results.  Tim had submitted two different brews for the competition - an ESB and a premium bitter.  While we waited for the results (he had dropped off his brews a few weeks prior when we were stopping at Tastings for an evening), we got to taste some special brews on tap.  They included:
  • Glacier Peak Pale Ale - an American Ale that was smooth and clean
  • Anaheim IPA - an IPA that was aged with Anaheim peppers, giving it some spicy kick
  • Java Disorder - a brown porter aged with Bjava coffee beans, my favorite from the tasting
  • Batch #999 - an Imperial IPA
  • Bonus from the RAM Archives, a 2008 Barrel-aged Strong Ale

All were good brews, and we sipped on them while enjoying the afternoon with a few of the Hoosier Beer Geeks (Jess, Rodney and Matt) and friends (Katie and Matt).  We all ordered a few apps and chatted about the beers that were submitted by the group.

I know you are on your toes, maybe thinking "well, how did he do?!" Though hubs submitted some great beer, he did not win one of the first three prizes.  He received some great scores and feedback from the judges.  Ratings were up to 51 as an excellent brew, and hubs got a 'very good' which was fantastic for his first competition.  I'm beyond proud of him as I know he is talented and can make some great brews.  More time, more recipes and more experience will only continue to make him even better.

Thanks to everyone who asked how he did and wished him luck throughout the process.  The support was great - and especially to those who joined us day of!  Hugs to hubby, I raise a glass to you.  Wifey is extremely proud - love you!