Sauerkraut Balls

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 
Hubs likes his sauerkraut.  Me?  It is one of those items sometimes I like and sometimes I'm okay not eating.  I think it just depends on how it is prepared and if it is good.

I decided to search for a new sauerkraut option to see what I could do differently with it for dinner one night.  I came across this recipe on the Food Network website and thought I'd give it at try.  You can see all of the ingredients and step by steps on the link, so this will be more of a photo walk through for your enjoyment.  But please note, I omitted the ham (didn't have any), adjusted flavoring (added more mustard than recommended), and made bread crumbs out of hot dog buns and seasoned those up a bit.

Ending result?  Eh...they were okay.  Not a mishap, but okay.  I think it was because I prepared the balls and then froze them prior to breading and frying.  We changed our dinner plans that night and went out with friends to celebrate the weekend.  Maybe they would have been better if we prepared and ate them the same night?  Either way, I shouldn't have added more mustard (got it, lesson learned) and I'm sure the ham would have given it an extra something. 

Either way, I think I'll stick with the Rathskeller's fried German apps.