Fish Tacos with Mache & Grilled Nectarine Salsa

Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 
With our first CSA in hand, hubs had decided to make some fish tacos using our chives, mache and cilantro.  I was pleasantly surprised by this as he usually doesn't enjoy fish tacos, but I adore them.  We bought a large trout filet at the grocery and took it home for some corn tortilla tacos.

Hubs prepped all of the ingredients, so really, I just mixed and seasoned while he was grilling the nectarines I needed for the salsa.  We had about half a cup each of red onions and green bell peppers, a few tablespoons of mache and a few tablespoons of cilantro.  Mache is a mild, lettuce like ingredient.  I've also heard it called lamb lettuce, so if you have too, well, that is what we were using. 

I threw in the grilled, diced nectarines (we used two total), some cayenne and red pepper flakes, lime juice (fresh from one lime), salt and pepper to taste.  And of course, the wild chives we had to give it a little something else.

This was probably the freshest tasting salsa we've had in a long time.  Maybe it was the beautiful evening we were enjoying on the patio while indulging in these fish tacos, but it was refreshingly and guilt free.  Crisp in flavors, it worked perfectly with the grilled trout we had.

So far, this week's CSA:
  • Cilantro
  • Wild Chives
  • Mache
  • Romaine (Nothing will be posted on this - it got slimy and wilted after a few days.  Insert sad face.)
  • Kale
  • Spinach (won't post this either - we had plans to make a pasta, but time ran out on us and it ended up as a lunch salad.)
Made anything recently that was completely guilt free, but made you feel like you were indulging?