The Celebrations Continue...

Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 
 As my final full week of being a twenty-something arrived, I knew that the celebrations were going to continue. Even if they were small, I was going to celebrate each day as I approach the 3-0 on the 17th. Day 9, a Monday, can sometimes be a struggle to celebrate. If you come off of a wonderfully relaxing weekend, getting up in the morning may not be on the top of the to-want list (vs. to-do of course). However, after a healthy day of eating and working out, I found that I could still enjoy a pool of frozen yogurt at Yogurtz. A combination of fat free strawberry fro yo, waffle cone chips, strawberres, blueberries and three mini-marshmallows had me celebrating. However, I did have two pups that weren't celebrating. Drooling for a bite may be a better way to describe their stares...

Nothing says surprise like unexpected flowers! When I don't have to dig for a way to celebrate, that makes the day that much better. And on day 10, hubs supplied me with beautiful tulips! Perfect for the Spring weather we had been having, these absolutely added a little spring to my step that day. Muah - thanks hubs!

As a self-proclaimed restaurant reviewer, food is obviously important when it comes to socially hanging out with friends. And this was prominent as a few of my friends and I celebrated a dear friend's birthday on day 11 with a progressive through Main Street in the Carmel Arts & Design district. Living in the district, I love that so many great restaurants and art galleries are within walking distance. We began with some bubbly and wine tastes as Shiraz before heading to Sonata for a tapas style meal. Dessert was served up at Detour as we rounded out a great night of conversation and delicious food. You can read more about the tapas at City Nom Noms soon!

And yes, the celebrations are continuing!

We've Got a Gator

Monday, April 9, 2012 - 

As promised, day 5 brought gifts! Yes, I did buy these for myself, but when they got delivered I couldn't have been more surprised. You see, Vinylmation is usually a surprise. And though I knew I was going to receive the Hawaii and Japan Vinylmation, but the Ice Gator was a surprise (I was hoping for the bride from Haunted Mansion). That is what makes Vinylmation hunting so really never know what you may get. Sometimes, the anxiety is pretty intense...let's leave it at that.

Day 6 - more bubbles! I like this sparking wine thing that I've got going on. It works for me. Plus, I was able to share with friends after over a campfire and s'mores.

Pizza from Toppers for day 7. Normally, I wouldn't chalk that up to be a fun part of birthday month, but staying in and being lazy without any plans in the world is unique. Quiet and precious. I couldn't help to love the Downton Abbey marathon and the cheesy breadsticks. If you read my other blog, you'll receive more information soon.

And of course, day 8 was a holiday. Friends, lots of food, and furry costume made it complete. I'm looking forward to a new week!

Birthday Bubbles

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 
On the first day of birthday month, I celebrated with a great Sunday full of activities. This day was unexpected, because I was anticipating on sitting in the car with friends as we drove back from a great weekend in Missouri. Why? Because it was the March & April "12 of 2012" events. March was to take a day off together as a group, while April was a trip to Truman University, M & S' alma. But, do to unforeseen circumstances, hubs and I couldn't make the trip.

Instead, we enjoyed an unplanned weekend together. And of course, kicked of the birthday month with champagne.

One thing you must understand about me. I'm a firm believer that every person should always have a bottle of champagne on them. You just never know when you may need it like the first day of birthday month. And lucky for me, we had a bottle to kick start the month on the 1st. To continue this 30th celebration I'm having, I decided bubbles should be part of the fun.

And by champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine works just as well my friends.

So day 2 and 3 found me sipping on birthday bubbles. I think this bubble thing is here to stay. I'm just sayin'.

To compliment Monday's bubbles, hubs and I (in a collaborative effort of course) made din din. He made these great flour tortillas from scratch, while I sauteed up some chicken, onions and jalapenos with a variety of seasonings. A little bit of cheddar and we were good to go with quesadillas for dinner. They were absolutely delicious and not so bad (health wise) for us either.

The bottle was finished on day 3 of birthday month. And since bubbles couldn't be a repeat 'special treat' of the day, hubs and I decided to engage in a friendly battle of Wii Sports. It has been quite a while since we cracked out the Wii controls and I have to say, why did we ever stop? Sure, he beat me in bowling and golf, but barely.

Day 4 brought us semi-working out together. Yup, hubs said he would start working out for my birthday month. Well, that began with a semi-work out. By semi, I mean he rode his bike with the two pups while I ran. But I have to say, I quite enjoyed seeing them on the Monon here and there as they passed me or caught up (after passing me of course) as it made the run a tad bit more enjoyable.

What did day 5 bring? Well, guess you have to wait until tomorrow. But I can tell you, I'm celebrating everyday this month as always - entertaining each day with a little bit of birthday flair!

The Beginning of Birthday Month

Sunday, April 1, 2012 - 
I'm a birthday brat. I have claimed the whole month as my celebration. I believe this is because both my brothers have their birthdays in April too. And growing up, it always seemed like it was really a month of birthdays.

So why stop? I've continued this tradition and hubs embraces it. He's good like that. And this year is a bit different. I'm turning 30.

And for those asking, I'm okay with it. I always look forward to birthdays, so why wouldn't I be excited for a milestone birthday?

So, how did I spend day 1? Well, we have to first acknowledge that it is my brother's birthday. Happy Birthday David! Lots of love as you celebrate in Virginia with dad!

Here is my day. A recap with photos.