Eating Organic for Earth Day

Monday, April 25, 2011 - 
Celebrating Earth Day can be done in so many ways.  From shopping with your own bags to cleaning a highway, there are ways for all of us to pitch in and remember that we need to take care of our surroundings.  One celebration I was looking forward to was eating and sipping at Tastings.  Yes, eating and sipping organically counts as well.  We had a variety of organic wines and ate some great courses, 90% that was organic. Here is just a taste of what you missed:

Apertif - 2008 Perlage "Altana' Rosato Frizzante

2nd Course - 2008 Domaine Eugene Meyer Pinot Blanc served with Citrus Ceviche
The ceviche was Ahi tuna, turbot and bay scallops, blood orange & Meyer lemon dressing, honey-chamomile goat cheese served with sesame crisps.

3rd Course - 2006 Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir served with Veal Ragout
The ragout was a free-range veal, crimini mushrooms, striped eggplant, San Marzano tomatoes and sweet yam and sage polenta.  Just a note, this veal ragout was one of the best Italian dishes I've had in a very long time.  Hubs direct quote, "If I had an Italian grandmother, she would make this."  Classic Italian, rich in flavor from the veal and roasted eggplant that was seasoned with thyme and sage.  Subtle back heat finished this dish - delish. 

4th Course - 2009 Caligiore 'Reserve' Malbec served with Muscovado Pork
 Muscovado & chipotle marinated pork tenderloin, served with a pancetta-black eyed pea stew and a crispy onion.  Perfectly cooked pork that was tender and clean tasting, served with a rich stew.  Took me a few bites (I'm not a huge black eyed pea fan), but I really loved all the flavors as they worked together - I was licking my fork by the end of it.

2007 Lange Twins 'Proprietary' Cabernet Sauvignon served with a cheese tasting
Lightly-fried Hungarian Kashkaval and American Pecorino Romano with French plum and cherry chutney.  Salty cheese paired with a sweet chutney.  One word sums this up...nom.

If you haven't had the opportunity to dine with Steven, I think you have to make it a priority. He is extremely talented, always fine tuning his dishes and thinking about the flavors that he is pairing with the wines.  And the wines that Tastings offer, especially with this tasting, were fresh and bold.  Always a great experience, I'm looking forward to this upcoming Wednesday - a Spring Progressive.