Super Bowl Champs - The Green Bay Packers!!

Monday, February 7, 2011 - 
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I wore green and gold all weekend in anticipation.  We decorated the house with balloons, green and yellow crepe paper and all of our beads, cowbells and pom poms from our previous celebrations.  Our friends arrived with food in hand (think wings, meatball sliders, guac, Big Boy burger bites, dips, cheese, sausage, etc.!) to compliment our build your own nacho bar, cheddar and sausage chowder, brats, beer dip and pretzels. 

We drank High Life.  And now, we are living it.

Last night was one of those nights where I wish I could have been in my home city...what an amazing atmosphere.  In 1996, when this previous happened (yes, we beat the New England Patriots. My dear Mass friends, I remember this well...I was 14) the excitement in the city was overwhelming. Pride was what everyone felt when the Lombardi trophy returned to Title Town.  I'm sure it is the same today, and will be for quite sometime.

A BIG congratulations to my boys, the Green Bay Packers, for being this year's Super Bowl Champions!  Here are some photos from Green Bay - wish I could have been there!

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 And yes, I'm still wearing green today...