Tim Burton Inspired Halloween

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 
Halloween has come and gone, but the photos from the Tim Burton inspired party will always remind me two things:
  • we had a great time
  • hubs and I truly have some amazing friends
As you may recall, I came up with this inspiration a few month's ago and the planning began.  Hubby and I spent a little time each day decorating and getting ready for the festivities as every room had a different Tim Burton movie theme.  It was a great event, loaded with food, drink, games, and Tim Burton galore!  A brief recap:

Food & Drink
  • Mad Hatter Tea Party - sausage & apple meat pies (think Sweeny Todd), Parmesan wraps, stuffed mushrooms (for the caterpillar of course), chocolate & caramel apples, hummus, and five different delicious cheeses.  Though tea was available, we focused more on a variety of wines for drinks.
  • Corpse Bride - Holy Cow Cupcakes did an amazing job with the red velvet "wedding cake" (delicious!) and there was also a Dracula's Kiss signature drink (black cherry vodka with a Coke product and cherries)
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - a candy buffet, complete with Willy Wonka candy (and wrappers, thank you RN!)  Even the wall was likable as pinwheels had a Sweet Tart center.
  • Edward Scissorhands - backyard bbq style, we had beer a plenty including a basic domestic (for easy beer game play) and hubby's home brewed pumpkin ale.  He did a fantastic job, it was some great beer that everyone enjoyed (great job hubs!)  Small snack items that you would find at a BBQ as well, including chips, pretzels - the easy grab food.
Our guests did a great job dressing in Tim Burton gear.  We had Mike TV and Veruca Salt from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Lydia (two of them to be more accurate!) and Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Peg Bogg (Avon calling!), Helena Bonham Carter and Sweeny Todd and Alice & the Mad Hatter.  We also had some other great costumes, including Mario & Luigi, Spiderman, Tink & Peter Pan, a Cheerio and adorable old lady, and a 'parasite host' & broken condom.  Creativity and glorious costumes were all around - great job to everyone!
For those who were unable to join us, we did miss you!  Here is a photo recap to give you an idea of how the night went (thank you RN & MC for allowing the use of some your photos mixed in with mine!):


I hope all of you had a fun filled Halloween - here's to next year!