The Tasting Room - Post Alley

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 - 
Hubs and I were able to sip many wines while we were in Seattle, and one of our favorite stops was The Tasting Room, located in Post Alley of the Pike Place Market.  I had read about them during some online research and after finding them on twitter, they made my list of "must see's" while in Seattle.  So after a day in the market and some fantastic luncheon fare at Matt's in the Market, we meandered our way through the alley to sip on some wines.
The concept of TTSeattle is great: local wineries all got together and decided to open a spot where their wines could be presented. It is truly a collaborative effort and shows how wine lovers can come together to showcase a great product.  There are two locations in the state of Washington, and I'm happy that they picked such a great location to feature their products.
The location is fantastic as it tucked away from the busy market, but easy to find in the alley.  It is a great spot to relax after shopping in the market and side shops.  Or, if you are going to dinner, a perfect place to stop there for an after (or before!) dinner drink.  Not only can you purchase some great wine, but you can relax in the cozy wine cellar atmosphere over samples and small bites. They have great events planned including a trivia night or even a pie night (they teamed up with a local pizzeria who delivers pizza at low cost, so you don't have to go anywhere and can have a full meal.)  They havelong, wooden tables that makes the perfect venue to share some great conversations (or game, they have board games available for play) with friends or smaller, round tables for intimate conversations.
Hubs and I sat at the bar and immediately were greeted by some great staff.  Not only were the knowledgeable and made some great recommendations, they were so personable.  I immediately knew this was a place where I could relax for hours and feel among friends.  I decided to sample one of there many themed wine flights. I love wine flights - a small taste of many (like my love of small plates) is always great for me.  These flights aren't your basic "Chardonnay flight" or "Red Wine Special" types - they were all creatively named to capture the true experience of each taste.  As I was wearing flip flops in chilly weather, I began with the 'Sandals & Socks' flight which was a variety of both red and white that you could easily sip during warm or chilly weather.  It was a great way to kick off the afternoon.
My next flight was 'White Noise' which was a trio of bold whites.  It went perfect with the cheese plate that hubs and I ordered.  Though we were stuffed after lunch, we had these two Wisco kids couldn't pass up a cheese plate!
It was really one of the best parts of our trip.  We were relaxed, drinking and eating local food in an atmosphere that was conducive to our feeling of the day.  We even pondered on heading back that way the next day, but knew there was still so much more to see in the area that we had to resist the temptation.  If you enjoy wine and are looking for a relaxing time with great nibbles and wine, stop by The Tasting Room.  And pick up the Operation board, you'll be in for a treat.

The Tasting Room Seattle
1924 Post Alley
Seattle, WA 98101