Ghosts & Goblins - Our First 5K

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 
We did it.  MM & I ran our first 5K.  After weeks of deciding that we would try to make ourselves become runners, we woke up on Oct. 30th and braved the chilly temps to run a 5K.  May not seem like a big deal to our running friends, but to us, the non-runners, we were pretty excited - especially as it was in our neighborhood.
The course began at Carmel High School.  We started pretty far back, over 700 people were out in the weather (did I mention it was cold?!) to run around Carmel Arts & Design District.  We ran down Main Street and turned south onto Rangeline.  It was hard to keep our pace because of all the people around us.  You get caught up in all of it and just want to stay with the crowd, pass people, or watch people.   As we turned the bend onto City Centre and started to run the hill, we knew we were around the first mile marker and had to adjust our pace.

Running while drinking with water - difficult.  I had no idea how to do it, so it was a little fumble here and there as we ran north on 3rd Ave. SW back to Main Street (around a rotary of course - this is Carmel.)  Turned north on Rangeline and told myself that the next water station would be soon (at mile 2.5) and that was my goal to reach.  Unfortunately, there was no water station.  I didn't need the water, let's be honest - it was more about my marker.

That my friends, is when I took my break.  Yup, I disappointed myself for 5 seconds (I counted) and took a break after mile 2.  I know I can run 3.1 miles straight, I know I can do 4, but mentally I couldn't adjust to running on the streets and with the little kid tromping behind me in non-running shoes.  But those 5 seconds were short, and I adjusted and caught back up with MM.
We headed west on Smokey Row (or 8th Street NE, whatever you want to call it) and continued through a neighborhood towards the finish line.  I slowed down after another turn, so I was cheering MM from about 15-20 seconds behind her. 

Can I tell you how happy I was to see my hubs and pup as I rounded the final turn?  It was the little fire at the end (fire in the cold weather - just a reminder that it was cold) that had me sprint the final yards and here the announcer call my name as I passed the finish line.  5K in 35:20 - not bad as my goal was 35:00 at a 11.3 pace.  Sixteenth in my age group (out of about 30 I think) so I was happy to be in the middle.

Would I do it again?  Well, I did tell MM I would run an 8K with her in June.  Plus, I'm debating on running the Drumstick Dash in Broad Ripple or the Turkey Schlepp in West Clay on Thanksgiving Day.  Debating.  We will have guests in town (can't wait to see my sister & brother-in-law with my adorable little nephew - remember this kid?!) so I'm just not quite sure.
The sun was bright, don't judge the awkward smile...
I don't know how people like Jess over at Let's Get Fit or my dear prego friend JR at Pour l'Amour De... do it - run half marathons and marathons.  I'm not in love with running, but I feel like I want to be.  So, I guess I'll keep it up to see if it grows on me.  I do feel accomplished to have finished my first 5K (which sounds easy for all of you non-runners, but really, we had to train - it is harder than it seems!), especially with my best friend at my side. 

Have you ever run a 5K or more?  How did you feel when you finished?  Any words of encouragement for future runs?