Movember Awareness: Have You Hugged a Mo Today?

Monday, November 15, 2010 - 
Hubs is growing a 'stache.

He doesn't normally have facial hair, so this handlebar look is very odd for me.  People keep telling me I'll "get used to it," but I'm not quite sure about that.  This is what I'm used to, clean shaven hubs.

However, I'm pretty happy (and supportive) of hubs and his hair growth.

Yes, that doesn't make sense - I know that.  But let me explain why I'm happy for hubs and this effort.

It is all for Movember.  

For those who do not know what Movember is, it is the combination of the slang word, Mo, for moustache and November.  Thus, Movember.  It is the "ribbon" for men to show their support in raising awareness for cancer's that affect men.  Some people run or walk to raise awareness, but these men, they grow facial hair.  To raise awareness of prostate cancer, hubs has decided to reach out to the public with his handlebar mo'.  He, RS, and JN are joining forces for team Frida Mo.

Here he is after the first week and half:

Yes, the 'stache is here.  And yes, I'm getting "used" to it.

If you are able, please support hubs in this fund raising efforts.  It would really mean a lot as his family has been personally affected by prostate cancer - he is looking to help educate people.  He is working to raise at minimum $200 and would love your support.  Shout out's to our friends who have already donated - thank you Daily Sweatpants and Fun & Fearless for your support!

Expect 'stache updates as well - hubs is committed, handlebars and all!