Friday Hodge Podge

Friday, October 29, 2010 - 
Halloween is right around the corner, and there is a lot going on!

First - MM and I dressed up as Salt & Pepper and are rocking our outfits at work.  Love that I am able to wear sweat pants 6 years in a row through different costumes.  Comfort is a must when working, but rarely can you be this comfortable.
Secondly - MM and I are running our first 5K tomorrow morning.  It is chilly - we both ran last night on different parts of the Monon and ran by only one or two people.  It was so odd to be running "alone" in the chilly evening air.  Alas, our first 5K is called the 'Ghosts & Goblins' and couldn't be more of a convenient course (it literally runs by my house.)  I'm excited to accomplish this with MM - wish us luck, numbers 179 and 200 (and if you feel like cheering us on, plan to be at Carmel High School at approximately 9:30a.m.!)
Lastly, Halloween is on Sunday.  Which means our annual Halloween party is tomorrow night!  As you may have read, we are hosting a Tim Burton themed event and couldn't be more excited.  Hubs and I have been putting the finishing touches on the house all week - here is the lineup:
  • Garage - Edward Scissorhands
  • Den/Office - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  • Stairwell to 2nd floor - Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Living Room - Corpse Bride
  • Kitchen/Dining - Alice in Wonderland
  • Stairwell to 3rd floor - Sleepy Hollow
  • Guest Bedroom - Batman
Yes, each room is decorated for a Burton film, and we are excited to have our guests arrive in their best Burton costume!  Photo recap of course will be posted, but until then, you will just have to wait and see.

What are your weekend plans?  Are you going to dress up, and if so, as what?