Wedding & 1st Birthday: Weekend Recap in Wisconsin

Thursday, August 26, 2010 - 
Hubs and I made our way to the home state of Wisconsin this past weekend for two celebrations: a wedding and birthday party.  I just adore celebrations, especially weddings and birthdays. Weddings are the celebration of a new life for two people, while birthdays celebrate an individual and their life.  What is there not to love?

First, Mr. & Mrs. C.Andrews were married at Heritage Hill - a historical museum that showcases the early years of Green Bay.  It reminds me of grade school and churning butter during field trips.  But the church was transformed for their ceremony, and both the building and couple were glowing.
The reception was at Rock Garden, which is now 1951 Conference Center or something similar as it is linked to a Comfort Suites I believe.  We have had a few wedding receptions already this year, but I will always remember my brother's as the first I went to at this establishment.  The service was great, food was good, but honestly, I have to mention their wedding cake.  Confession - I LOVE wedding cake (who doesn't?)  Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo as I probably consumed it way too quickly.  The server informed me that it was a raspberry chocolate and vanilla swirl.  However, when it was set in front of me, it looked more like a layered cake.  And to my surprise, it was cheesecake!  The bottom layer was a chocolate cheesecake, then a layer of of raspberry filling, topped with white cake.  It was oh so good - one of the best I've had yet!
The other event - our nephew's birthday party!  We are honored to be his godparents - any time we get to spend with this cute little mister is well worth any driving distance.  Happy first birthday to my darling nephew, Ahren!  The party was adorable, and I went 'bananas' over the monkey theme!
The guests enjoyed a chocolate and white layered cake, while Mr. Ahren got to have his very own banana cake (sans eggs.)  It was so funny, because he was protesting at first, but he got the hang of it eventually.  Too cute (& did I mention hilarious!)
Hubs and I started a college fund for him, but to make it fun right now, we also gave him an adorable stuffed Mickey.  I mean, who doesn't need a little Disney in their life?
He's going to love The Mouse whether he knows it or not...
Short and quick weekend due to the drive, but worth it to see family and friends!

Tim & I with our nieces & nephew!