A List of New Year Resolutions

Saturday, January 1, 2011 - 
Happy New Year!  Last night, my friends decided 2011's theme is "Lame is Not an Option". 

But there is a catch.  I don't think 2010 was that bad.  Here is why:
Honestly - it was a good year!  But alas, a new year means new possibilities and I accept the "Lame is Not an Option" mantra of 2011 and look forward to our monthly celebrations and all of those inbetween. Thus, here is the 2011 list!

Resolution numero uno - Enjoy friends and family to the fullest

Going along with the 2011 mantra, I'm dedicating myself to time with friends and family.  Many of my closest friends live far away while others are less than a mile.  And I plan on dedicating myself to the great friendships that I have with them all.  Plus, I adore my family, and with a nephew only a few weeks old, there is even more to love.

Thus I am proclaiming the Indy "non lame" event for January - the Brewers of Indiana Guild Winterfest.  I look forward to seeing many of you there!

Resolution numero dos - Create a new blog focused only on Indy restaurants
Before our NYE gathering, hubs and I enjoyed an amazing meal at The Ripple Inn, located in Broad Ripple in the building formerly known as the Broad Ripple Steakhouse.  This meal really was fantastic, and as I was taking photos thinking about how I couldn't wait to demand encourage you to dine there, it got me thinking about a new blog. 

So yes, this is me announcing that I'm going to start a new blog.  Many people ask me for restaurant  recommendations or tell me "you have to try this place," and I figure there is a reason for this:  

I like food - though if you read my blog, then you probably already knew that. 

From buying the best products and trying new items to seeing the masterpiece of an entree on the plate - it makes my mouth water.  I love trying new restaurants all the time to see what people are doing with food..  Honestly, it is a passion and you can really tell when eating it how the chef enjoys what he or she does.  And yes, I do believe the whole culinary love right now is a huge trend, but who am I to judge on something that I also love?  I need to wrap my head around a name (I'm currently thinking "Circle City Eats" or something like that, but am more than happy to accept ANY suggestions) and once that happens, I can guarantee The Ripple Inn will be the first review.

That means this blog will focus more on the original concept of entertaining my life daily. Through cooking in the kitchen with my hubby, attending and planning events, as well as traveling and all the other aspects of life.  So stay tuned - I hope that you will join me on both adventures!

Resolution numero tres - Continue striving for a healthy lifestyle

In 2010, my bestie and I joined a gym and remained dedicated throughout a good portion of the year.  A little thing called work interrupted it for a brief time period, but we both recooperated nicely by training for our first 5K.  I lost some weight, gained some strength, and overall just felt better.  I slept better at night, had more energy during the day, and really saw what a healthy lifestyle could do for an individual (honestly, fellow blogger Jess completely gets this - she's fantastic!)  But don't get me wrong, I love food, wine and beer, so sometimes this can be a struggle.  It is all about balance - and that is what I (and probably many others in the world) plan to uphold for 2011.  Plus, I plan on running an 8K this year - and it's official, because I just announced it so now you have to hold me to it.  Specifically, I'm focusing on veggie intake.

So my friends - what are your resolutions for this year?  And if you have name suggestions for my restaurant blog, I'd love to hear those as well!

Happy New Year (and cheer for those Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl!  Plus, the Packers play the Bears this weekend - get ready for a football filled weekend!)