Introducing Mr. & Mrs. James Ahrens

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 
It is wedding season!  Three weddings in April and May brought two more.  Both of the May weddings are one week apart and in Green Bay, so I decided to take the whole week off to enjoy time with my friends and family in the good old GBC.  Lots of fun times during the week so far, and all that will be recapped at a later time.  However, our trip began with the wedding of my BIL and future (now) wife, J & H!

The wedding was actually in Oshkosh, and we drove from Indy that day to make it just in time.  Rehearsal went well, I had my reading down (2nd reading) and we were ready for W day.  Just a few photos to showcase the day!

The groom (pretending he wasn't nervous) with his daughter, CA

Our other neice, KA - she's adorable!

This girl is a hugger!

Our adorable (and happy) godson, A!

All of the children of the A's

Cousins (and newest twitter followers) SC & NC
(if you need flowers in GBC, you need Petal Pusher!)

The wedding was a great time to see all of the hubby's family members and spend some time in the "city" with some people I truly care about.  Weddings are always great, especially when you have great people to spend the evening with.

Next up - my cousin J (who I will kindly refer to as Johan despite his hate of my nickname for him) and his future wife S this Saturday!