Pork Fried Rice

Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 
Fried rice has a basic concept, but everyone still makes it their very own with the ingredients they add.  This time around, I had three ingredients I wanted to flavor up my fried rice.  Okay, in reality, I had three ingredients that I wanted to use the remainder of because they just had to be replaced.  They were...
  1. Sriracha sauce - the bottle was just about empty (though I shook it up so you couldn't see that) and not to mention covered in a sticky substance of something that must have leaked.  And I cleaned my fridge over my holiday break...so who knows...
  2. Soy sauce - I've been using up these take out soy packets for a few recipes here and there.  But I had four more to use before breaking down and purchasing a new bottle.
  3. Ginger - though it keeps well in the freezer for a while, it doesn't keep well forever!
I began cooking brown rice and then cooling it in the freezer while hubs and I prepped the veggies and pork.  Hubs chopped up the pork to bite sized pieces and then sealed the rest to freeze for another time.  During his butchery love, I chopped and gathered the other ingredients: carrots, celery, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, scallions/green onions,  garlic, ginger, sesame oil and olive oil.  Then, we got to work.
First, I sauteed the pork with some salt and pepper.  After removing the pork from the pan, I sauteed the carrots and celery (same oil) and then poured them into the bowl as well.  Next up, a little bit more oil for ginger, garlic and the ends of the scallions (whites.)  They cook very quickly, so constant stirring is a must before adding the rice (and thus - the bad photo since I was moving so quickly!)
When I added the rice, I let it sit briefly to get a tad bit crispy.  Briefly because it is a hot pan that has been a cooking machine.  I would have loved to use our wok, but it isn't the best wok (though, our pans are not the best either...we really need new ones!)  Once it crisps up a little, I make a well to scramble an egg in the center.  Then, mix it all together and add the pork mix.
At this point, I added the sesame oil, soy sauce (thank you packets) and the sriracha.  Mix it all together, add bean sprouts and water chestnuts (though your hubby protests from across the room), top it with the greens from the scallions and you've got some tasty fried rice.

This is definitely healthier than take out (though I can't speak badly against take out - after all, I did use the packets from a previous experience!) and made a large portion for both of us.  The next day, it reheated well without all that oily residue you get from take out.  Thus, I still felt good knowing I was eating a healthy version of this rice dish.

What do you add to your fried rice to make it your own?