Something New : An Announcement

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 
Remember that New Year Resolution about a new blog?

Well, the time is here.  May I introduce - City Nom Noms!

This blog will continue to showcase events, travels and in the kitchen cooking.  Don't worry, I won't abandon it as I still love to do everything I normally do.  City Nom Noms is solely for restaurant love (or not love) as I eat my way through life outside of the kitchen. 

My dear friend, Tara, over at Two Designs is creating some artwork as we speak.  The current look is only temporary as we move forward.  But my reviews are beginning to build and I really wanted to get them posted soon.  Thus, expect some quick changes over there, and who knows, this place may get jazzed up a bit too.  I guess we'll see.

Lots of food postings (I made this spicy maple pork last night with sweet potato hash - nom!) and events (Winterfest is Saturday!) will be posted soon.  I hope you continue to join me as I entertain life daily here while enjoying the city nom noms over there!