Want s'more cupcakes?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 
A while back, I had baked some s'more cupcakes because, well, I really wanted a s'more.  Alas, I was baking for a recruitment event and knew I couldn't bring a plate of the delectable summer treat, so I transformed cupcakes to satisfy my craving.  This time around, I changed out a few things, but the end product was still delish.

I began with a basic chocolate cupcake rather than a yellow or white.  I sifted the cocoa powder, flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt together.  I also threw in some cinnamon for good measure.

Creaming together the sugar and eggs, I always add the eggs slowly and individually.  Of course, this avoids any egg shell mishaps and ensures the mixture all gets the same amount of love.  Adding a bit of vanilla extract, I whipped it all together before adding the flour mix and milk on a low speed to avoid splatters.

Once the mix was complete, I scooped it into the prepared pans.  I couldn't decide between mini or standard cupcakes, so opted to bake both. By doing so, all those New Year's resolutions people made could be in check while those who didn't care, they had a larger option to select.  When they were done, I let them cool as I wrapped up the dulce de leche blondies I was also making (oh yes, double baking was happening!)

This time around, I didn't fill the center with fluff.  Instead, I attempted to make the fluff not so messy as frosting.  Now, I understand marshmallow's are sticky and messy and all, but it doesn't mean I can't attempt to change that.  I added some vanilla extract and powdered sugar to the fluff for a better consistency (and taste I guess?) before smearing it on top of the chocolate cupcake.  I thought, "why not toast the marshmallows?  Then it will be just like a s'more!" and won't leave them all sticky.

Well, I didn't really think about the graham cracker topping.  I don't know if I would have burned the graham crackers if I put it on prior to toasting the topping under the broiler, but at least they would have stuck.  Unfortunately, once toasted, the graham's weren't having the toasty marshmallow goodness.  And of course, the chocolate pieces were melting into the mess, but that is how a s'more is!

They were all delicious the same, even with the tweaking from last time.  They were gobbled up at the football game watch, and the four that remained were eaten the next day at work.  Maybe next time I make them, they may become pumpkin s'mores...mmm...