Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Vanden Avond

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 
My dear friend, Mykael, married the love of his life, Stephanie, this past weekend in Green Bay.  You may remember him from another wedding recap.  Before I show you all of the fun, a few things to note about Mr. Mykael.
  • The true spelling of his name is Michael.  A long time ago, he decided Myk was a better fit, and so that is how he is referenced by not only himself, but everyone else.  I have always called him Michael, and I refuse to change that.  Thus, I've amended Michael to Mykael to satisfy his i vs. y thing he has going on.
  • We have known each other since prior to birth.  Our parents are besties (they met because our father's are in the same industry), thus we grew up together and have always been close due to our age (which is exactly 9 months apart, he is July 17, whereas I am April 17).  We have spent countless summers camping with our families growing up - we even used to waterski together.  Matching hoodies were also part of history.
  • He's a fire fighter.  All buff and like, he saves lives.  Awesome guy.
  • I love him to pieces like a brother.  We used to tell people we were half siblings and everyone believed us.  It did take a while for people to understand that we weren't once high school graduation occurred and everything (we went to different high schools). Not to mention the different parent thing.
When he met Stephanie and I finally had the chance to meet her, I knew she was perfect for him.  She's adorable, friendly and love him with all of her heart.  I was honored to read and be part of their special day as they became Mr. & Mrs.  A small photo recap:

Some of the old camping crew!

Love my hubs

My adorable parents

And my adorable brother and sister-in-law

Beautiful bride!

With dear friend Matthew, Mykael's brother

LOVE these kids!

The groom with his wonderful parents!

::sigh::  I just love weddings.

How was your weekend?