It's a Family Affair

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 
As mentioned, I was in Green Bay this past weekend for not only a wedding, but also to celebrate my father's birthday (Happy Birthday again dad!) and Mother's Day (love you mom!)

The immediate family got together for a cookout on Saturday night just to relax and see each other.  I played chess with both my niece and nephew (and yes, I won), drank wine with my mom & sister-in-law, played with my brother's dog (her name is Malibu) and ate some great steaks from dad.  Oh, and of course, we placed a friendly wager on the Kentucky Derby.  I of course picked the one Disney reference, Animal Kingdom.  Once again, I won....not to brag or anything.

Yup, lots of steak, which also meant leftovers.  We also had fresh fruit, potato salad, corn, cheesy brocolli, foccacia and a berry tiramisu for dessert.  Lots of wine too - did I mention that?

Love them.  Hugs to my family!