Sunday Ramblings...

Sunday, March 27, 2011 - 
Do you ever have those times where you are just off your game?  No reason in particular, but things aren't lining up for you?  It happens for sure, and I'm in one of those funks.

I feel like I haven't been in the kitchen lately.  I've lacked motivation to work out.  Even to participate in my volunteer events after work.  But, this morning, I found myself roasting tomatoes for a sweet potato hash.  As I was sauteing the onions and poaching the eggs for brunch, I realized I was ready to get back on track.  Yes, cooking is completely therapeutic; I guess I needed some therapy without even knowing it.

Maybe the sudden spring in my step is is because birthday month is right around the corner?  Or that Spring (despite this minor cold snap) weather is approaching?  Who knows, I may even swap out my Spring/Summer closet with my Autumn/Winter closet this afternoon if time permits (no pressure of course!)

It has been a slow start to the New Year Resolutions, but I think April 1 may be a perfect place to restart.