The Broadmoor

Monday, March 21, 2011 - 
I was in Colorado Springs for a conference last weekend and had another opportunity to stay at the beautiful Broadmoor resort.  A grand and regal resort, the Broadmoor is one of the best properties in the country.  Beautiful and rich with history, I couldn't help but walk around the lake and take photos of the property.  Here are a few just to share.

West Tower lobby
Great foot rests
Hall of Famous - anyone that is famous has their photo hung - the hall wrapped around and had so many photos
The main building - the original Broadmoor

A sitting area that was remote and quite on the grounds
There was so much to see - I can imagine this is a great resort in the summer for couples and families.  Though pricey, there is much to do including a free movie theater, 14 restaurants, lake activities, pool, award winning spa, golf course and so much more.  You could easily walk around for hours just looking at everything.  If you ever get the chance, stop by - you will be in for a treat.

Been anywhere recently that was regal and beautiful in every way?