Back on My Feet

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 
On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to join some colleagues and high profile individuals for a luncheon at the new  JW Marriott in downtown Indy.  The purpose of this luncheon was to unveil the hotel's Griffin (an eagle/lion creature that will be displayed in the lobby - their version of a ribbon cutting ceremony) and to celebrate and learn more about their partnership with a fantastic organization, Back on My Feet

By high profile individuals, I'm talking Mayor Ballard, Mr. Marriott (yes, THE Marriott) and Mr. White (of White Lodging) to just name a few.  All took the time to speak to the audience about the property, the city and their personal excitement of it all.

Being the largest JW in the world, I am excited to be holding a meeting there this summer.  Conversations about this property have been had for over 2 years about this property, and now that it is open, it is living up to all of the hype.  I look forward to the fantastic service, the delicious food and the comforting accommodations that will soothe my weary feet after days of meetings.  This property is impressive, adding a new level to the city's skyline and opening the city up to a whole new world of conventions and meetings (not to mention Super Bowl 2012). 

The organization, Back on My Feet, is motivating.  Anne (who also spoke, she is the founder and president of the organization) essentially started a running club in the Philadelphia are at a homeless shelter.  By running with the homeless population, she rejuvenated the drive in many of these individuals to be successful in their own ways.  It was a touching presentation and a great motivator for me to pick up my own running once again.

An inspiring luncheon at a immaculate property - great way to connect with the city and community over lunch!