Smoked Chicken & Apple Pot Pies

Monday, February 20, 2012 - 
One of my favorite Sunday to-do's is cooking with husband. Sometimes we spend the day prepping for the week. And by we, it is usually hubs. He'll bake bread for lunch sandwiches while I put away groceries. Not saying that I can't bake. But, my hubs is the baker of the family because he is good at it.

He is also a smoker. Not the gross, cancer type of smoking. The delicious, full of flavor type of smoking. And on Sunday's, it is a great day to smoke meat. He uses the grill, low temperature and all. He even stuffs the thing with burnage to give it the full, smokey flavor. A 'coal hole' if you will.

I really do mean to get him a smoker, but he makes do without it. Beautifully I might add. And I'm happy to say I reap the benefits of his beautiful leisurely smoking.

Sometimes I whip a simple coleslaw to go with it. But this time around, I was dehydrating apples while he was doing his thing. I had extra apples and decided to make us mini apple pies. Apple pot pies if you will. I had bought these adorable red snowflake ramekins from Crate & Barrel and decided this was the perfect time to use them.

We eat pretty good on Sunday's. Sunday fun-day that's for sure.

All I did to make these little apple pies was add some cinnamon and sugar to sliced apples. After putting them in the ramekins, I put the pie dough on top. This dough was made out of flour, salt, iced water, and butter all pulsed together in the glorious Cusinart food processor. Honestly, I love my fp. It is phenomenal.

A quick egg wash, a few slits in the dough and a sugar sprinkle before going into the over at 375 degrees was all it needed. Once the crust was browned, these delicious little guys were quite a sweet treat for us.

I love Sunday. No make-up on Sunday makes it that much better too. Just sayin'.