Super Alumni and Celebrities

Monday, February 6, 2012 - 
After volunteering at the Media Party and then the Super Soiree, I was still looking forward to my third and final Super Bowl volunteer event: NFL Alumni Player of the Year. I had been having a great time, but I knew this event would feature more celebrities and nationally recognized faces I would know. I'm horrible with names, but I knew I would at least recognize faces.

When I arrived at the beautiful Scottish Rite Cathedral for the event, we were trained as a group and given our assignments. I was designated an usher, but found myself doing a bit more than that due to how events happen. If you have ever volunteered or planned an event (which really, everyone has at one point!), you know that things don't always go according to plan. And because of that, you have to prepare for the unexpected.

I found myself pulled from the waiting room to guard the West door as many of the celebrities and NFL alumni were coming in through that door rather than walking the red carpet. My job consisted of asking the guests to walk around the building and enter in through the front door so they could walk the red carpet. Something like this, "Hi Mr. famous football man, would you please walk around the building so you can walk the red carpet? The media would like to see you. Thanks, have a super night!" Pretty intimidating to tell a big man that, especially when his beautiful date is wearing the highest heels ever. But everyone was great about it - even Mr. Roger Goodell was dropped off front. Yup, the NFL Commissioner in all his glory.

I then was pulled to guard Alec Baldwin's personal belongings in the green room. Yes, you heard me right, Mr. Alec Baldwin. And his brother was there too, Stephen. I exchanged words with both, even got a half hug/arm tap from Alec as he apologized for having me have to sit there and watch his things. This glorious job ended quickly though as a staff member replaced me and was able to lock up the room. Back to suhering in all the NFL Alumni, current players, sponsors and guests.

A lot of faces in the crowd, the show was an amusing success. Jokes and banter were all around, with people clapping for the men who won the awards. The awards ceremony was taped for television, so if you want to see all that I saw, tune into the NFL Network tonight at 10pm eastern.

To cap off my night, I made Nick Lachey and his two friends night complete in getting them a car as I was leaving. They needed a driver, and since I was in uniform, they assumed I was still working. No biggie as I was literally just leaving the building. A hug from him and his two friends after their car arrived was my last moment before leaving the property. He seemed very nice, though his friend (aka bodyguard) was pretty insistent on getting that car so they could make their St. Elmo's reservations. I got it buddy, you are good to go.

Photos are fuzzy, but others that I saw include Vivica Fox, Quinton Aaron (from the Blind Side) and Matthew Stafford (quarterback of the Detroit Lions), and all the award winners. It was a fun night full of athletes and celebrities - another great Super Bowl celebration!