You Got Me What!?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - 
Fondue. Sure, it may make people think of the 1970's or of shag carpet. It reminds me of friends of delicious cheese and chocolate. We end up dining at The Melting Pot at least a few times a year, particularly around the holidays. I had a love affair with the restaurant a while back. I still enjoy it, but not as much as I used to. But don't get me wrong, still delicious and I look forward to it every time Do You Fondue? I do! rolls around on the advent calendar. Day 20, and we ended a delicious dinner at the MP.

Day 21: Holiday Tree was a night where we would make some dinner together and enjoy under our Christmas tree lights. Unfortunately, I forgot I had a meeting. So, changes happen as mentioned before. Hubs made a great dinner and I was able to enjoy it when I got home.

Holiday gifts were all over the month this year. But our big gifts were given on day 22: Merry Christmas hubby! As we exchanged gifts, hubs received his remote control helicopter that he had been wanting, while I received my beautiful NEW CAMERA! EEK! Isn't it gorgeous?! This beauty is a Canon t3i, everything I wanted in a DSLR. I've been asking for one for quite sometime, and he went all out. Not only did he purchase a camera, but I also received three lenses and a bunch of other great accessories. And of course, every new camera needs a bag, and I got this beauty from Epiphanie. Love. I'm so in love with my holiday gifts - thanks hubby!!!

Not much can top the new camera love, but day 23: I'll Be Home for Christmas is a close one. We drove home to Green Bay that evening with a book on cd and the pups in the back seat. They love nap time.

In preparation for the Christmas Day Packer vs. Bears game, hubs received his final gift. Day 24: A Cold Christmas Eve gave hubs a new winter Packer hat for the game - which the Packers won! It was a great game, and we had a wonderful time! GO PACK GO!

Hope everyone (who was celebrating) had a great Christmas Eve!