Gifts for the Holiday

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 
My hubs is a homebrewer. And not just any kind of homebrewer. He is a fantastically gifted homebrewer. What I'm saying is this guy's hobby is the best hobby for him because he is raging good at it. Right now, he has a variety of beers at home for drinking, including Hefe, cider, and two others.

I mean it. This guy is good.

I like to think of him as a beer connoisseur in his own right. And that made day twelve's gift very easy. Themed beer connoisseur, he received a magazine subscription for Beer Connoisseur magazine. I don't know much about beer magazines. He really wants BYOBrew, but this was a great deal from Sweet Jack that I couldn't pass up.

The funny thing about his brewing, it is a perfect bachelor activity. So when I'm traveling for work or have an evening event, he always lines up a new beer to brew. Another thing he loves about his bachelor time is the random food that he eats. Things that I just don't understand. Like Funyons. I mentioned this last year too - he loves his Funyons for a bachelor evening. Day thirteen was easy on a busy night (which ended up not happening, but he still appreciates the crunch). Themed bachelor food, he (and I'm sure the pups helped) unwrapped a bag of Funyon treats that he could enjoy all to himself.

Sometimes it is the simple things.