Oh Christmas Tree...

Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 
I want to live in a house that has multiple trees.

There. I said it (again.)

This doesn't mean I need a huge house, but I just LOVE the idea of having multiple themed trees. One may ask, why would you want multiple trees?  Well, as mentioned, themes! I'm almost to the Disney themed tree that I've been collecting for quite sometime. Here are a few other trees I would like to have:
  • Classic red and green tree
  • Silver and blue tree
  • Family oriented tree - this means all those great ornaments from our parents and grandparents
  • Travel tree - since hubs and I collect ornaments when we travel, it would be great to have a tree just full of those ornaments
  • Snowman tree - I like snowman, so I have quite a collection of those ornaments
Really, there are so many more that could be had. And right now, I'm happy to report we've got two.  Sure, they aren't straight up themed, but both are pretty close.

Our artificial tree is on the first floor. This is a combination of a snowman and family oriented tree. This tree has seen a good few years, and I think after this holiday, it may be retired to the land of discarded holiday trees.The second tree is our real tree. And if I do say myself, this tree is a pretty great tree. We picked it out in a matter of five minutes, and it is perfect for us. Around 8 feet, it is a great size and has that classic shape.  Sitting in our main living area, it lights up our living room every night. And, this tree is almost a full Disney tree. There are a few ornaments regarding travel, or special meaning ornaments between the two of us.

With the trees up and ready for gifts (yes, I theme my wrapping paper every year too. This year, purple and green,) that means December is just about here.  December 1st means the return of hubs advent calendar.  I'll be keeping you posted on all the events as I did last year. It may be delayed though, because hubs and I are celebrating our four year anniversary a tad bit late (yes, September 29th has come and gone this year, I know that. Sometimes new additions delay things.) by taking a trip to LAS VEGAS!

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So...December 1 is "Sparkly Night Lights" meaning our night flight to Las Vegas to the strip lights!

And yes, if you keep track, I may recycle some themes from last year. Don't judge.

We leave today.  Bags are packed, pups are at the 'spa', and we are ready to go!  If you have advice on things we must do, please share. We have a slight itinerary, but everything is extremely flexible!