Cccccchanges (David Bowie Style)

Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 
Changes. Mr. Bowie informed us that changes happen. Changes even effect the advent fun of our household. Small change of course, but it happens. Here is a quick recap of what has been happening:

  • Day 14: Deck the Hall with Globes - the venue where I am a special events coordinator at had their staff holiday party and I was excited to add this to the calendar. Rather than the typical staff party of eating, drinking and being merry with co-workers, we had the opportunity to make something besides memories. Being an art school as well as a great wedding venue, we all participated in glass blowing. Among the eating and (non-alcoholic) drinking - after all, we were literally playing with fire - we all took a turn to make our own holiday ornaments. It is much more difficult than it looks, but is a lot of fun at the same time. Great holiday party for sure, and we walked away with something for our tree.
  • Day 15: Holiday Murder Mystery - and this is where our change happens. We had a busy week and the upcoming week wasn't looking any slower, so hubs opted to pass on his evening plans of attending a holiday murder mystery dinner at the Propylaeum. This was fine with me because something like this is just more fun with a group, and unfortunately, none of our friends were joining us. So what did we do instead? Well, we each got some gifts. Mine had been coming in from various vendors throughout the week, but I found all of his at Target randomly that day. Perfect timing if you ask me! As mentioned, hubs loves his Rudolph. I couldn't pass up these when I saw them, especially since I have a few of my own (Disney Villian style of course). And to add to my Vinylmation collection, I received (by received, I mean gifted myself or had my hubs buy them for me as I watched) the Jingle Smells collection. I LOVE them!
  • Day 16: Holiday Gift - we had a busy evening ahead of us with a friend's dinner and comedy club celebration, followed by another friends holiday party. Couldn't really 'plan and execute' anything for the evening, so hubs got a new shirt. He strut it that evening - always good when he likes the clothing I get him versus it sitting on the shelf!
The holidays are in full swing and we continue to be busy with each day. How are your holiday plans coming along? Is your shopping complete?