Halloween Theme...It is Here!

Sunday, September 4, 2011 - 
I began this blog back in the day to showcase cooking, events and entertaining myself through every day events.  I think every day is a celebration, so when there really is a holiday or celebration, I love to celebrate it a bit more. 

Halloween is one of my favorites.

Last year, we had a Tim Burton inspired get together.  I personally loved decorating the house with each room having its own movie theme.  Hubs and I dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter.  The year before was a Clue theme, complete with a murder-mystery game.  Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock were our characters that year. 

You see, the theme isn't just a theme, it is also the costume.

This year, after going back and forth on a variety of options, hubs and I finally landed on our theme.

Heaven and Hell. The classic battle between good and evil, angels and demons.  Evil villians, angelic princesses (of course, my Disney reference of the day) or anything in between.  The options for costumes are endless.  And I know hubs and I will have a great time transforming our house into a classic heaven vs. hell venue.

Let the fun begin!