Sage Chicken Pasta

Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 
'Tis the end of the summer season, and all the herbs are gone. 

Well, almost.  All but sage. 

I'm not complaining.  I mean, you don't buy and plant a herb that you don't like.  And I like sage.  But it is one of the herbs that a little goes a long way.  When you have a lot, expect a long way to be, well, much longer.

Good thing autumn is just about here.  Officially, tomorrow!  I can't wait.  Because sage goes so well with pumpkin.  And other things, like this chicken sage pasta I threw together. 

This is one of the infamous pantry cooking nights.  Scrounging the pantry and fridge, looking for something insanely simple for din din.  This is what we came up with after staring at the monstrous sage plant.

I guess I should have taken a photo of this sage plant.

Back to the recipe.  Super simple, trust me!
  1. Cook some noodles - whatever you have in your pantry
  2. Saute up some chicken and season however you like (I believe I sauteed in garlic, added some all Greek type seasoning - stuff like that)
  3. Once the chicken is done, remove and add a tablespoon or so of oil to the pan drippings.  Add panko (maybe 1/4 of cup - really depends on how much pasta you make) and sage.  Cook together until fragrant and the panko is brown and crisp.
  4. Drain pasta, top with juicy chicken and sprinkle the top with your panko topping.
  5. Enjoy!
Then stop yourself as your eating and think to yourself "Didn't we make this about a month ago?"  Well, close, not the same - but I guess that is what happens when you clean out your pantry huh? Or maybe I wasn't craving cheese?  Um, that's weird...but we have been eating mounds of beer cheese dip leftover from BrewMile - I'll post that soon and recap that event.  Be patient my friends.

Super simple.  Plus, comfort food - perfect for autumn.  I know I'm a fan of cleaning out the pantry (but really, it never gets I'm not sure how that works) and so are a few of you.  Make anything fun lately?