BrewMile: Movin' & Brewin' for a Cause

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 
Every year, I walk.  I walk for a purpose, with my Sorority sisters and friends across the country.  I walk to end Alzheimer's, and this year is no different.  Well, kind of.

This year, I decided to amp up my fundraising.  I started think of the ways I could increase my fundraising.  I struggle with the emails - I see who opens them and who doesn't.  And ::sigh::, it can be disheartening.  My local alumnae chapter does some great events (like the Giving Dinner), and I also promote fundraising on within our staff too.  But I wanted to do something for my personal fundraising.  And it had to be something fun. The brain wheels began.

Remember when I ran my first (so far, only official race) 5K?  It made me wish I could run one the Beer Belly run in Wisconsin.  And it got me thinking some more.  Why don't we host one?!  I proposed the idea to hubs, since he would be the one brewing the beer, and he was immediately on board.  I mean, this guy can brew some great beer, and since he loves doing it, why not?  And we have so many friends who lead healthy life styles, but also like craft brew, that this just made sense.

Thank you Bri for the artwork!

This Friday is our fundraising event, BrewMile!  We'll be movin' and brewin' for a cause with friends at our place.  For a $25 donation, participants will run one mile in hopes for a prize from a local brewery (Flat12 Bierwerks) and then spend the evening drinking several home brews.  Beer that is currently on the roster includes:
  • Bitter End - hub's ESB
  • Banyan - hub's premium bitter
  • Upside Down Blonde - Flat12's hybrid pilsner/wheat
If participants bring a local craft beer to share (or any microbeer - minimum is a growler), they'll receive a $5 discount.  In addition, we'll have a 50/50 raffle and some door prizes donated by the Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.

Of course, you know me, there will be food - all beer themed!  The menus includes beer cheese dip, beer bread, brats/hamburgers in a beer bath and stout brownies.  Nom.  We'll have the nifty pretzel necklaces too.

Interested in attending?  Shoot me an email ( if you live in the area.  It is currently a facebook event, but I'm happy to provide further details.  The more the merrier!

Can't make it? Consider donating to my fundraising.  Every dollar counts - I'd appreciate any and all your support.  Shout out to Michelle, Myky and my mom for starting the fund!  Always - if you know anyone else who would be interested in donating, please spread the word!