Glee Live! (and yes, I acted like a 12 year old girl...)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 
At the beginning of June, bestie and I made our way downtown to Conseco to see Glee Live!    I think the television show is just amusing and the people are extremely talented in both dance and song.  I didn't really know what to anticipate with the show, but it really was concert.  I haven't really been to a 'pop' show before, but I can imagine this is as close as I will get, screaming girl fans and all that jazz.  It was a great girls night - really an amazing show - here are a few photos and videos for your enjoyment.

I know they are slightly younger than me (and yes, I mean slightly!), but these boys still make me (and the twelve year old girls) swooon...

I have to admit, I 'gleeked' out like a 12 year old girl when the Warblers surprised the audience.  Fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed!