Fried Green Tomato BLT

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - 
After a morning at the Carmel Farmer's Market, I always come home with a few veggies for the week.  At the beginning of summer, green tomatoes are abundant and make it into the bag frequently.

I know, a tomato is a fruit.

You say tomato...

It started to ripen awfully fast (you can see this in the photos), but alas, it was almost all green.

Either way, I knew exactly what I wanted when I saw that big fat tomato - a BLT.  And nothing celebrates the beginning of summer like a fried (almost) green tomato.  Hubs began by frying up some bacon while I prepped the tomato.

A quick dredge in some flour (seasoned with black pepper and salt), egg and sriracha mixture, then some corn meal and we were ready to go.  Rather than just frying it up in oil, I had hubs reserve the bacon drippings and crisped them up in that.  Insert your "oh gosh, so unhealthy" lines here, but it was delicious.
While I (unsuccessfully) searched the pantry for mayo, hubs toasted up the french bread we had.  As we discovered no mayo, we opted to use ranch dressing instead.  Best. Decision. Ever.

The sandwiches were filling and perfect for the summer night.  They were even delicious the next day for lunch, assembly required. Sometimes, improvising can be just plain delicious!