Weekend Brunch at Home = Happiness

Friday, February 11, 2011 - 
Sunday's are Tim's favorite days.  He gets to wake up late and relax over coffee and the newspaper.  During football season, we watch the Packers in the afternoon..  It is also the day for grocery shopping.  But mostly, we are lazy and we like it that way.

I adore breakfast, so I usually start making it right away while he gets the coffee brewing.  Our default breakfast is a poached egg over potatoes.  It is so simple and I can still be lazy while making it.  A simple dicing of a few potatoes, parboiled in salted hot water, are simply pan fried with whatever seasoning I feel like that morning.  If we have some leftover lunch meat or smokey sausages, I'll add that to the mix too. Sometimes veggies go in there - tomatoes, peppers, etc. - whatever I have on hand.  All of this is topped with a runny poached egg.  Small serving and delicious for a Sunday morning.

Many times I'll opt for tea versus coffee.  Something about tea makes me want to relax a bit more - and I always grab the glass pot for my flower jasmine tea on the weekend.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Lazy Sunday's - I bet you didn't know that I love them being the over programmed person I am.  Well, now you know. It is a bit of happiness that I get with my best friend and I look forward to it every weekend.

What are you looking forward to cooking this weekend?