Prawns with a bit of Steak

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 
As we enjoyed our salad course on Valentine's Day, I had already prepped everything for the main entree.  This included a well seasoned steak (note - hubs worked on the steak), prawns (remember our visit to Wisco?) and some parsnip puree. 

Prior to the serving the salad, I simply peeled and chopped the parsnips.  Rather than cooking them in water and adding cream later, I decided to boil them in the cream directly to add more creamy flavor.  I added garlic, thyme and a bay leaf to give it some flavor.  And that's it...I let it all boil and cook together while I prepped everything else.  All that was left to do before serving was to puree the mix (minus the bay leaf) together with some butter and serve.

For the prawns, I wanted to do something different than just broiling them like we had previously.  I decided to make a butter bath to cook them in out of some parsley that I had.  A stick of butter, an extremely large portion of garlic about about 1/2 a cup of parsley all went into the pan to melt together.  I seasoned the prawns, which I had deveined and removed the shell from, with some lemon zest and garlic before placing them into the pan to cook.  While this was all happening, hubby was grilling the steak outside. 

A very simple meal to prep, it still had the appearance of love and sophistication at the table.  The parsnips were buttery and sweet, smooth and creamy.  A great base for the Rib Eye steak which was bought from a local grocery store.  Hubs created a simple rub out of Worcestershire sauce, salt, garlic and pepper which gave it incredible flavor.  The fat marbled steak was rich in flavor, and perfect accompannient to the garlic prawns.  Strong in garlic flavor without being overwhelming due to the rich buttery taste, the seafood wasn't lost in the taste.

Definitely a great dinner, and I was happy to see that we saved room for the dessert (which was baking in the oven during dinner), apple turnovers.