Apple Turnovers

Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 
Hub loves apple pie.  But for Valentine's Day, I didn't think a whole pie would do it for the meal, so I opted to get a bit creative with some leftover puff pastry I had from a previous meal.  I figured if I made all the filling like an apple pie, I could wrap these up for individual desserts and even have two leftover for the next day's lunch.

Prior to getting the salad started, I made the turnovers first.  I began by peeling and coring two Granny Smith apples and chopping them into bite sized pieces.  A bit of lemon juice in the bowl ensured they didn't turn brown.  To the apples, I added a mix of brown sugar, baking soda and cinnamon.  I let it all set to get those flavors to come together while I worked on the puff pastry.

I love puff pastry.  I've used it for an appetizers, meals and desserts.  I feel like it is a really easy ingredient that leaves an elegant impression on what you are cooking.  It works great for simple beef wellington's too if you are short on time.

For this dessert, I rolled it out a bit and made four sections.  I added scoops of the apple mixture to each section, making sure to keep it on one side for ease of folding the dough over.  With a quick brush of egg wash on the edges, I folded over the dough and crimped the edges.  I cut a few slits into the top to help air escape as they baked and brushed them with more egg wash to give them the beautiful brown color as they baked.

A mere 20 minutes later, we had some great apple turnovers, served with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream too (no paid advertisement here, just love their ice cream and am extremely happy it is in Indy!)

What have you recently had for dessert that was simple, homemade and delicious?