A Very Merry Social Weekend

Sunday, December 12, 2010 - 
Just coming home from my travels, hubs and I dove into a weekend of celebrations. We had not only the pending holidays to celebrate, but also my bestie's birthday!  It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but we definitely had a great time with friends while also celebrating our time together.

Day 10: Tini's & Turtlenecks was a theme carried through by our friend (who Tim loving refers to as 'Cougar') who was hosting her holiday party.  It was a great evening filled with new friends, a fantastic food spread and delicious drinks.  We were all cheery on Friday evening - how could you not be when surrounded by friends?  I adore LE, she is one of those fantastic people you meet in life and appreciate more and more each day.  And her brother D and other roommate T were fantastic hosts as well!

Saturday was Day 11: Beer with a Twist, hubs first physical gift.  Hubs loves his beer (as I speak, he is upstairs brewing) and pretzels.  I found a place out of Brooklyn, NY called Liddabits that makes beer and pretzel caramels, so why not give them a try?  I ended up purchasing a gift package named 'The Cult Classic' which consisted of the beer & pretzel caramels, sea salt caramels, honeycomb, and two candy bars (the Snacker and King.)  The caramels are all we've tried so far, and they really are fantastic.  Sweet, one piece is all you need.  The beer flavors are subtle, but compliment the salty crunch of pretzels.  Look them up if you are in Brooklyn, but know that Indy has some pretty fantastic sweets as well (hello Indy's Best Chocolate WeeMac truffles...and have you seen their holiday flavors?  I can't wait to give them a try!!!)

That evening we also celebrated my dear friend MM's 28th birthday with dinner at Scotty's Brewhouse and an evening of comedy at Morty's.  Dinner was stellar, comedians were lack luster, but the friends were everything expected - fantastic.  Hope she enjoys her birthday - love you M!

Today, Day 12: Holiday Brunch included hubs and I making some Sunday brunch together.  We had settled on crab benedict (such a lover of crab for breakfast) and I prepped the crab, english muffins and poached the eggs while hubs whipped up a homemade hollandaise sauce.  Over some delightful coffee, we enjoyed breakfast while the snow came down.  Next up, football and an evening out at Fogo De Chao for Tim's work holiday party.

And of course, happy birthday wishes to MR, the future Mrs. PD, who is celebrating her birthday in Boston.  Can't wait to see her get married in February - virtual hugs from Indy my dearest, I adore you!

On a sad note, one of our hedgehogs isn't doing so well.  I think we may become a one hedgehog household very soon.  Good vibes to Erbert today...

How was your weekend?