Erbert & Gerbert's: Hedgies or a Sandwich?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 
To many of my friends here in Indy, they know of Erbert & Gerbert as my two fun loving hedgehogs.

Gerbert is on the left, Erbert is on the right

You may have a few questions.

  1. Why hedgehogs? I had wanted some hedgies for quite awhile.  My best friend, SB, had one when we were younger and I adored him.  That is where my need for hedgies came into my life.  So when hubs got them Christmas of 2006, I was delighted with this fantastic gift.  Hubs specifically picked these two (they are brothers) because they resembled yin & yang when they sleep curled up with each other.
  2. Why two hedgehogs?  Because you can't have Erbert without Gerbert and vice versus.
  3. What do they eat? Hedgehog food of course.  You can buy it at pet stores (and yes, not all sell it.)  In addition, they enjoy meal worms (both fresh or dried) and cheese.  They also munch on yogurt treats and other small snacks, like what you would give a hamster or bunny. I imagine they would also love some Erbert & Gerbert's sandwiches (yes, we'll get there below...)
  4. Are they 'spikey?'  Why yes, of course they are.  They have soft underbellies, but essentially are similar to porcupines, just smaller.  They do keep the spikes down most of the time.  If you "pet" them, it is a rough (but not hurtful) surface.  They do poke them up when threatened - our pup, Nala, has interacted with them briefly until she realized trying to paw at them probably wasn't the best idea.
  5. Where do they stay? A cage? Yup, they have a cage in their own room (aka - the guest room.)  We do let them wander, but under our supervision so they don't wander into areas that we can't find them.
  6. Why did you name them Erbert & Gerbert?  They were named after my favorite sandwich shop, Erbert & Gerbert's of course!
The story of the two brothers: Erbert & Gerbert

Erbert & Gerbert's is a sandwich shop in GBC.  They have three locations there and from the looks of it, Wisco is not the only lucky state to have these.  Some may say Jimmy John's is similar, but E&G is the best sandwich place hands down.  After a night out with friends (back when I would visit Wisco on my breaks from UMass-Amherst,) we would order E&G.  My fave back then was the pudder.  Simple and basic, but oh so good, the pudder is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The ingredients are always fresh, perfectly chilled and delectable.  And the bread!  The bread is freshly baked (they do sell day old bread too, snatch that up if you can!) and oh so good.  They don't waste the middle that is gutted for your sandwich ingredients either, oh no they don't.  They put that chunk of bread in the wrapper with your sandwich so you can devour it as well.  And if you like pickles - get one of those too.  Not to mention the chocolate peanut butter bar.

My other two faves from the amazing list of sandwiches?  The Girf (ham, turkey, provolone, tomato, lettuce & mayo) or the Narmer (turkey, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, lettuce & mayo.)  NOM.

E&G is one of those GBC establishments that I must frequent every time I'm in town.  This past week was no different as the hubs and I stopped before leaving town.  Leaving the restaurant with a Narmer in one hand (for me) and a Girf in the other (for the hubs,) I was one happy lady.

 Mmm, Narmer...

Now, if only I could a.) have one open in Carmel, IN or b.) have enough money to start a franchise of my own.  See if E&G is in your area - you don't want to miss out!

And think of my two hedgies too while your at it.