Advent is for the Bachelor

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 
This past week was a whirlwind.  That happens when I travel midweek as I am sure it does for many people.  I was home on Monday, so the advent fun didn't get too disrupted.  Plus, it was St. Nick's Day - that is a given celebration, isn't it?  Well, it is for this part German, Irish & Dutch girl who likes to celebrates.
From the St. Nicholas Center

Essentially, the tradition is for children to leave shoes (think fun wooden clogs) at their doorways in hopes that St. Nicholas will leave them small presents, like coins and chocolates.  Both hubs and I celebrated the holiday growing up and we definitely continue it by hanging our own stockings - good thing on Day 6, St. Nick showed up for both us!

Of course, when I travel, the advent calendar must goes on.  I don't know if it is more for the hubs that I make sure it is scheduled and running, or more for me as the uber planner.  Either way, he had something (besides me coming home of course) to look forward to every day while I was traveling.  His calendar included:

Day 7: Holiday Hunt - before I left for my flight, I setup his candy cane hunt around the house.  This kid loves peppermint, so I figured he would appreciate the nibbles while I was gone.

Day 8: Friends & Family - it is holiday time and cards are usually a part of that.  In the past, we've moved from sending all hard copies to only sending hard copies to family members (go green and be cost effective?  Yes please!)  Hubs hates helping out with this, so I make it pretty easy by getting them all done.  All he has to do is put a return label on the envelopes - I take care of the rest. 

Day 9: Holiday Cuddle was just that - time with his wifey while watching a holiday movie/show of his choice upon my return home.  We ended up watching Top Chef All Stars (did anyone else watch this week's?!  Hello Jen going crazy on the judges?!) and Brew Masters on DVR.

The weekend is full of social events, so we are squeezing in some festive events as well.  Plus, I travel once again next week.  Thus the advent fun will consist of things that can once again be done by the bachelor himself.

Any big plans for the weekend?