Legally Blonde The Musical

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 
I've been busy, I apologize.  Pup had her spay, and then she was dubbed with the 'cone of shame.'  But my "cone dog" is no longer...this is her on her way to get the stitches (and cone) removed. 

Hubs has been craving corn dogs ever since she was dubbed 'Cone Dog'

Either way, I promise I'm back and will be better...on that note, Legally Blonde The Musical recap!

I had been wanting to see Legally Blonde The Musical ever since I heard it was traveling to Indy, so why did I hold off on buying tickets for so long?  No week to go until it began and it was a "omigod" type moment.  Tickets seemed sold out (or more than I wanted to spend,) but alas, the hubby came through!  So when he said, "I know how much you want to go, so yes, I will be your date!" I was ecstatic!

Love Playbills, they remind me of my friend, TO
The musical took place this past Saturday at Clowes Hall (yes, the same place we saw 101 Dalmatians) on Butler University's campus.  Little did I know this was also graduation weekend for Butler, but we made it in time to grab our seats and see the stage before it began.

Photo taken from phone, but the classic Tiffany's bracelet 

Have you seen MTV's Legally Blonde?  Cause this was so much better! 

The songs are still stuck in my head ("omigod, omigod you guys...") and I can remember all the times I was laughing during the show.  The actors and actresses were phenomenal, especially Elle and the UPS man (oh gosh, the music for his walk, too funny,) as you really believed their characters and the emotions they were feeling.  And yes, I am a Sorority woman, so there are times that made me appreciate it that much more (sisters of Delta Nu with the hand signals and it.)

I was sitting next to two theatre lovers that I did not know, and they just couldn't stop laughing and sighing with amusement.  Even hubby said how it was "one of his favorites, right up there with Wicked" so that goes to show how amusing it really was.  Do I recommend it if you have the opportunity to see it?  Absolutely!  And yes, I'm talking to you Mrs. Shutterboo!

I may need to get this soundtrack...

And on another unrelated note, my dear friend Fun & Fearless in Beantown is engaged to Mr. B!  So excited for these two!  Lots of hugs from this gal to them!