Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Jason R!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 
My dearest cousin, who I refer to as Johan, got married this past weekend!   Johan is like a brother to me.  We grew up living across the street from one another (him and his two sisters, who I also dearly love!) and shared many wonderful memories growing up together.  I heart him!

Johan is a great time.  If you don't know him, he is one of those people that you have to have in your life.  He is always making me laugh with his comments and jokes, plus he is just a bunch of love.  Not to mention he does give fabulous hugs.  A bad bone doesn't exist in that body of his - he is full of love to all his friends and family.  I couldn't be happier that he found someone to share that love with because there is a lot that he has to give!  Did I mention the hugs?

Family weddings in the good old GBC (Green Bay for those who don't know my reference) allow me to see my entire family in celebration.  It is rare that my cousins, aunts and uncles can all get together and weddings provide the perfect opportunity.  We wined and dined at the Rock Garden Supper Club (yes, another SUPPER CLUB!) for the evening festivities.  Family style dinner consisting of beef tips, chicken, and lots of fixings were provided. 

And I love weddings.  I do (haha, no pun intended,) I just can't get enough of them. 

Just a few photos to showcase the wedding festivities with many people that I love!  Welcome to the family SR!

Mr. & Mrs.

My Mr. 
Mom & Dad!  

 Love her - MC, my cousin

Second cousin - JL (too cute!)

NL, who is Johan's sister, & who I also see as my sister.
My brother & sister-in-law.  
My brother, CN, decided it was time to be casual and changed toward the end of the evening....

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. JR - I wish them nothing but love and happiness throughout the years!