Super Scarf

Saturday, January 21, 2012 - 
I have no idea how it is mid to late January. Banana chocolate chip bread seems so long ago...where have I been?

Entertaining life daily of course.

This means, I've had meetings and have been all over the place. And when I'm pretty busy, I also get to enjoy more of hubby's cooking. Asian quesadilla buns, Roman chicken full of tomatoes and capers, roasted tomato soup with baby grilled cheese and almond crusted Mahi Mahi with roasted vegetables. We both acknowledge that we needed more veggies in our life, but aren't willing to give up flavor by any means. He took that request seriously and delivered some amazing and healthy food. And if I was a good wife (correction, I am a good wife, this is merely a saying), I would have taken photos of all the delicious food I enjoyed that week without lifting a finger. But photos for you.

Life isn't about to slow down here either. Nope, not by any means. I have a good friend who is knee deep (probably, more to be honest) with a little thing you may know as the Super Bowl. Yes, the Super Bowl my friends is here in Indianapolis in case you have been living under a rock. And I am one of the lucky volunteers who is part of all the fun!

On Thursday, I picked up my uniform. This of course features the Super Scarf from the scarf program that was a huge success. If you watch The Middle (I don't normally), they even got into the Super spirit.

I'm going to look quite snazzy in this outfit, though I don't really get to strut around in in it too much. The events I am working aren't requesting these uniforms. You see, I get to work some pretty fantastic events.
  1. Super Soiree - an event for the VIPs and CEOs who helped donate the money to make this Super Bowl happen here in Indy (from what I understand). This open house takes place at Lucas Estate. Can't wait to see the amazing house and be part of this event.
  2. NFL Alumni Player of the Year Awards Banquet - located at the Scottish Rite, this dinner features all the amazing players from this season. Crossing my fingers I see some of my favorites.
  3. Media Party - just as it sounds, this is a party for the Media at the Indy race track (you know, the 500 race track).
I'm really excited to participate in all of these events. Though I won't be able to take photos, I know the memories will be pretty fantastic!