Super Disney?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012 - 
Part of the amazing experience of volunteering for the Super Bowl means the volunteers are given a great opportunity to be part of some great training programs. Yesterday, the NFL hosted the first ever Fans First pep rally. With a friend and two new friends with me, hubs and I headed downtown to be part of this first ever experience.

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the area, from both the staff and volunteers in the area. Blue, the Colt's mascot, was present and taking photos as were the Colt's cheerleaders. A few of the Colt's players were there as well to share some stories and their experiences this past season. But I wasn't there for those reasons. I was there to be part of the experience.

And for the Disney Institute.

My love of Disney has been incorporated into my volunteer experience and I couldn't be happier. We had great conversations on why the Super Bowl experience was special for each one of us, as well as how we could serve the visitors of Indianapolis to showcase the city and entertainment that is being offered, with safety first of course.

Disney has it figured out. Guest service is what it is all about. That includes safety, enthusiasm, experience and memories. It was really a great experience to learn and listen to all of the facilitators present, as well as from my fellow volunteers.

Volunteering for the Super Bowl and having Disney be part of that? I'm one lucky girl.

To make me even luckier? This girl and her hubs are owners of Super Bowl tickets! A good friend helped us out and we are now proud owners of these two tickets to memories!

Happy Super Bowl season!