The End of Winter Office Olympic Games

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - 
It is true.  All good things must come to end when speaking of the Office Olympics (and of course, the real Olympic games!)  But not without the effort of one final event and a closing ceremony.

My version of hockey.  More of a sudden death shoot out.  Offletes shot a ball (it was a soft & squishy ball from a vendor of ours...remember, office equipment only!) to make a goal through the doors of the Conference Place.  And of course, this "goal" is being tended by another Offlete.

JM can't handle TW's skills.

The stick?  It is made out of a broom with cardboard to stabilize.

 Shot in action!

Each Offlete had one attempt from each line (there were three total,) which had a point value - ranging one to three.

TW takes a dive to save a goal (though, I believe she missed this one...)

Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony (which to me, is the most dull out of all the Office Olympics) took place in the Conference Place.  Chants were sung, flags were paraded (with no affiliation, of course) and the medals were given out.  And yes, the torch was extinguished.

WPV took gold, and they were ecstatic!  

The medals?  Made out of cardboard and construction paper of course.  And ribbons...I mean, who doesn't have ribbons just laying around the office?!
 All the offletes and their medal.

Successful Office Olympics?  I would say so.  Here is to 2012 and the return of the Summer Office Olympic Games - our version of London should be quite grand.  How about your work place?  Does your office get to participate in office debauchery like this?