Today is National Puppy Day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 
Another day for celebration - National Puppy Day.  My friend MC divulged this little known fun fact by showcasing one of her dogs, Ruby, on her Tumblr account.  They also have another pup, Kaia.  You can read more about MC on her Tumblr account.

Why am I celebrating National Puppy Day?  Well, my pup of course!  Our 4 month pup's full name is Nala Alice de Ville Ahrens.  Yes, all references to Disney (I know, shocker) while maintaining a great name for our Shiba Inu pup. 
 I know, she's too cute to handle.  This is her at about 6 weeks back in December.

Every day, we are coming up with more names for her.  To list a few:

  • Book of Monster: she has this thing where she enjoys hiding under the bed and running out to nip at your feet if you dangle them there.  You know, like the Book of Monsters from Harry Potter. 

    Watch out for those puppy teeth!
    •  Padfoot: another HP reference, but only because one paw is white.  And Whitefoot just didn't fit as well...

      She's such a good paw model 
      (and yes, that evil look is because I put clothes on her...)
      • Tails: her two brothers (Erbert & Gerbert) are hedgehogs.  Reference to Sonic & Tails anyone?

         And trust me, the hedgehogs don't scare her...
          I love my pup.  I think she is gorgeous and a perfect compliment to our family.  She was a great Christmas present from my hubs, and now it's the five of us - hubs, myself, Nala, Erbert & Gerbert.

          Look at that fuzzy little girl (and yes, she is a Cheesehead like her parents!)

          Will I be sad when she isn't a pup?  Absolutely!  BUT, can you imagine how cute she is going to be when she isn't a pup too?!  Don't worry, you'll get recaps on that too.  She makes me photo happy, I can't help it.  I'm going to shower her with more love and make her these precious puppy treats when I get home from the gym, compliments of Martha Stewart (of course!)

          Credit to Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

          To all of you who have a pup or a dog - Happy National Puppy Day!