National Candy Day - This is What Happens During 'Make Up Your Own Holiday'

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 
Yes, you read that correctly.  Friday was "Make Up Your Own Holiday" day.  So what does my place of business select as their holiday?  Candy Day!  I quickly threw together some fun games to break up the day, and of course, included candy in each and every one.

We started off with a game of Lollipop Grove.  Originally, I wanted to set up a "grove of lollipops" by having lollipop stands and rings to toss at them.  However, with 24 hours and a quick trip to the store, I settled on a memory type of game.  Four lollipops were awarded during this brain morning activity.

Thank you to RN for designing the Lollipop Grove cards

Memory Style Game - keeping those minds active!
Next up was Chocolate Swamp, which consisted of plastic eggs swimming in a "swamp" of filler.  Staff members would dig through the swamp for an egg, which would have a piece of paper saying mini, regular or king.  If you selected a mini, you won a Hershey kiss.  If you selected a regular or king, you had a choice of that size of candy bar.  Everyone walked away a winner!

The eggs were harder to find than you would anticipate - that filler was thick!

Candy Land (did you know this board game is celebrating 60 years?!) was also available to play during lunch.  I actually dined out for lunch (Grand Traverse Pie Co., which you can read about here) or I would have also shown Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (I love both versions of the movie, but my love for Tim Burton is extraordinary) in our conference room.  That way, people could watch a little bit of the movie while enjoying their lunch.  But alas, pie got in the way (and no, I'm not complaining at all!) 
Of course, the easiest themed candy game - Gumball Guess - was also part of the festivities.  Whoever guessed the correct number of gumballs, or was the closest, won just that, gumballs!

For the record, there were 639 gumballs

The final activity for the day was Candy, our version of Bingo.  Same rules apply, but markers were hard pieces of candy, and of course, winners won candy.

Thanks again to RN for her design skills in creating the logo

By the end of the day, everyone was geared up for the weekend (and completely jacked up on sugar!)  I guess that makes for a successful Candy Day on a time and financial budget!