Office Olympics: Winter Games Part III

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 
There is a time when one event deserves a post all to itself.  

Today is that day my friends.

Couple Ribbon Dancing

My version of couple figure skating (or ice dancing, really, whatever you prefer) was received perfectly by the staff.  I have to admit, I thought I would be the only one excited.  But staff proved to be entertaining all on their own.  I think photos will describe this much better than words...

The judges table

Final Score: 7.8
Barbie doll love for sure (this is off the video...)

Final Score: 8
Glittery red, they chicken danced themselves for over a minute.

Final Score: 8.3  
There are SO many great photos from their session (my fave is not listed) 
but I chose to show one with both offletes.

Final Score: 8.4
I give them the best costume...think "Gold Digger" for song selection.

Gold Medal with a final score of 9 
TW was a swan, let me tell you...

Special thanks to Cubes for her fantastic photo skills.  
Documentation of the Office Olympics wouldn't happen without her.

Next up: doortending & the closing ceremony.